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Audi A3 RS Front Bumper and Grille 2008 - 2012

Κανονική τιμή €999,99

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Brand New RS Front Bumper and Honeycomb Grille

Primed ready to be painted.

Fits All Models of Audi A3  2008 - 2012 including S-Line.

Pre Facelift model, does not fit Audi A3 2013+.

Bumper and Grill made with high quality and durable ABS plastic.

Set Includes:

  • New RS Bumper ready to paint.
  • Brand New Grille.
  • Side Grilles.
  • Parking sensors holder.
  • Licence Plate holder.
  • Emblem Holder.
  • RS3 badge (Self Installation)

Please Note:

Painting and fitting service is not included in price.

For all fitting enquires please contact customer service on